Bithiri sathi on billionaire son


Bithiri sathi on billionaire son. Today latest bithiri sathi funny videos i came up to here to discuss with you on about bithiri sathi was going to funny with his new video as billionaire and also he was questioning by on of the billionaire son in one bakery shop. Where did bithiri sathi had questioned that person in that bakery onwards, that bakery was also that person bakery.

why your working here and go and enjoy with your money like that questioning bithiri sathi on that bakery owner son. So watch today’s latest bithiri sathi video i came up here to entertain with you all about¬†Bithiri sathi on billionaire son. watch below¬†Bithiri sathi on billionaire son.

Bithiri sathi on billionaire son:

Bithiri Sathi had a funny conversation with news presenter Savitri over Billionaire Son, Recently a Billionaire Businessman Sends Son on Real Life Internship by working like a common man to earn his daily bread.
Watch V6 special program Teenmaar news with Savitri, Bithiri Sathi & Mangli in a Telangana slang.